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  • Marino Frost - Empire Radio USA interview Dec-22-2016
  • After years of preparing and making this comprehensive project, Marino and his team are working on its promotion. We welcome and encourage your input regarding the promotion of this project. Your ideas, suggestions, contributions and referrals are invited and highly appreciated!


Contact us by e-mail:

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  • At this stage of the project, we are ready to expand the core of our team. Therefore, we encourage anyone who wishes to contribute or get involved in this project to contact us. We accept anyone with a good heart and noble intentions, no matter your field or talent.

  • We have great news regarding the purchase of Marino's music online!

To order the CD "Have Faith in Love" or for digital download, click on the following link:


  • Gabrijela Solomon, who is my assistant and the right hand of my multi-media project, has published her first book! This book is also an integral part of the project. Moreover, throughout its story the book covers and intertwines the principles and the systems of beliefs for which the project stands. The topic refers to the phenomenon of reincarnation. It is the first book in the collection titled "Past Life Journeys of Gea and Zen". The whole collection will contain five books. Each book will cover one of the past lives that she and I had together. The title of the book is "Life in the Jungle".


Please, support this book and spread the news to all people around!

Take a look:

Book trailer

Book order

For more info click: HERE

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