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There is a man who decided to be born to bring forth and realize a great idea and an important mission. Art has chosen to be liberated through his soul, fingers and vocal chords in the form of music that reveals myriads of its splendor to the world.

He is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, performer, composer, lyricist, arranger, producer and sound engineer. He was born in Croatia, Europe. His musical journey started on a drum set, early in his childhood. Soon after, lead guitar took over his world of creative proficiency. Later, besides the drums and lead guitar, he also learned to play bass guitar, keyboards and other string based instruments and percussion… In the course of numerous live performances with more than 300 bands and studio recordings since the age of 17, he learned the ropes of the music industry.

The attraction of his presence was not bound only by music. Wherever he would go, the artist would naturally and spontaneously make a positive impact on his surrounding environment. He won the hearts of people easily and was popular and sought after everywhere.

At the paramount of his regional and national musical career in Europe, he chose to move to the US. Well-balanced, courageous and firm, he continued to give birth to his vision, which anchored him to New York City. At the beginning of 1992, he opened his own professional recording studio “Stardust” in Queens, New York.

“Have Faith in Love” is his musical concept, which is comprised of fifteen songs. Like his personality and everything tied to him, his music is beyond all stereotypes. It combines and condenses the best elements of various styles. Many fans of his music describe its quality as epic and theatrical. He is the producer and sound engineer of the entire album; he sang all the lead vocals, played all guitars and most of the other instruments. He also wrote all the music, lyrics and arrangements. Recording with him in this project were numerous renowned musicians and background singers.

The themes and ideas of all songs are interwoven into his essay titled “Mission of Love”, which is printed in the booklet of his album “Have Faith in Love”. His message is about a world without borders; it is against elements that divide people; it is for newer, cleaner sources of energy; it is for more even distribution of global wealth. According to him, the individual is supposed to be the center of consciousness, not institutions. He emphasizes the need for a greater balance between the material and spiritual planes. He is a great pacifist and philanthropist, who willingly offers his service to humankind with great passion.

Besides his music and lyrics, he has developed, formed and compiled philosophical-spiritual teachings named “Timeless Wisdom”™. Its framework, titled “Principles of Eternal Truth”™, is a collection of guides, convictions, beliefs, hints, suggestions, teachings and proverbs, intended for ethical living and moral progress. These teachings and the music album “Have Faith in Love” are the foundation of a comprehensive multi-artistic, social and spiritual project. The whole project embodies various creations of art such as music, creative writing, digital graphics and other visual forms like photography, film, etc.

His spirit has been elevated through numerous trials of past life incarnations to the higher order of spirits. He is an envoy of love that has been assigned for an important mission here on Earth. His destiny is to serve the human race.

His name is Marino Frost.



Gabrijela Solomon and Joseph Bogovic