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housands of pictures have been flying through my mind while writing this album…

Mission of Love is a gift that provides a Link to Divine Evocation. It is a noble honor to be an Envoy of Love. It leads to the greatest invention of all, a New World. When you are a dreamer, you have something to believe in…

People crave love, freedom and peace… Peace on Earth, peace in their country and peace in their soul. Only love and the “silence” of peace can bring mankind true happiness and prosperity. Even though one can be materially wealthy, one cannot be as well off as someone who is rich with peace and love. One’s own peace comes from one’s own goodness, righteousness and the enjoyment of helping those around him. The inevitable consequence of that state is pure love and subsequent happiness. True happiness!

Some people find their Miraculous Grace in spirituality, in love towards another being or in some other form… Still, others find it in themselves and in the depths of their own soul. It’s sad that bitterness is, unfortunately, always present around us. Sometimes in war, sometimes in peace, in personal problems or news… Evil is a weight on a scale that counters happiness. In order for man to really appreciate happiness and truly enjoy himself in it, he had to experience evil at some point. Man needs to feel evil in order to comprehend the true value of happiness! During his lifetime man is constantly learning. His best teacher is evil, injustice and struggle. As soon as man senses these challenges, he runs from them and attempts to find salvation in goodness. People usually prefer stagnation, but it makes them hidebound. This non-active state brings them down, never up! Negativity is a force that hits one like a club. At that point, man is compelled to take some action that eventually results in a positive outcome. Trouble always drives mankind towards progress, thus amazingly, trouble is the best friend of progress! Nevertheless, it is good to be cautious and know to respect evil as well…

People are mostly disgusted with evil and injustice, but will do little to change it. Usually, people look for the easy way out. Inaction is a form of surrender. Nothing can make me believe in injustice! For us who feel from the bottom of our soul that we are right, we can’t back down and surrender! No one has the right to mistreat and walk over you! I’m too stubborn to accept injustice; I’m too stubborn to hide! I’m No One’s Puppet to Ride! You never have to take things in life for granted because you always have an option to change them! Sometimes, it is better not to back off from a fight, because in the long run that boomerang can reach back and hit you even harder… It is unfavorable to be a spineless jellyfish… So, fight until the end with your restless Rebel’s Soul! Fight until you make the world right!

One day, mankind will reach a level of evolution that we alone will know right from wrong without anyone advising us! This will be the level of complete purification of our consciousness. Then, we will not need politicians, religion or some teachers to lecture us regarding right or wrong… At that level we would govern our life according to the pureness of our soul and not actualize the fears passed on to us by institutions or the punishment rendered by man-made law. If everyone would have a good, healthy conscience, mankind would do only what is right. At that point, “the law“ would not have a need to exist. Consequently, we would all live in a state of “enlightenment”. Let it Shine!

Let’s say… You are wealthy and I am poor. You left a million dollars in cash on the table in front of me. You left the house and forgot about the money. You have so much money you don’t even care… I am hungry and a homeless person. I have a chance to take a few dollars from the money left on the table. Even better, I can take it all and become rich in one swoop. If I knew with absolute certainty that no one would ever find out about the missing money, I still wouldn’t take a dollar from your table! It’s not my money, but rather your property! It is not okay to be a thief! That’s what my conscience tells me, that’s what I will follow!

Let’s say… I thrive on sex! I like good-looking women… There is the most beautiful woman in the world alone with me in the house. She is naked. I want her, but she doesn’t want me! Further, I’m assured that nobody would find out if I raped her… Still, I would never force myself on a woman! My soul tells me that it is not OK to rape anyone! You wouldn’t like if some maniac would rape your sister or mother! Why would you do a similar hideous crime to someone else? Just follow the right path for your soul and it will feel right!

Let’s say… I have a chance to beat up or kill someone! Suppose, I could gain a lot by doing that; lots of money, fame and fortune… Even if no one would ever learn of my crime and the hands of prison would never touch me… So… would you still commit such a crime? Ask yourself and find out your level… I wouldn’t! That’s not who I am! This would not be me! I don’t want to hurt anyone under any circumstances, because that’s my state of being!

Hopefully, one day all of us will use a purified state of conscience as a guide.

Then, the world would be a much better place!

         That will be the time
         When gods will lose their powers
         When demons will lose their evil
         And gold will lose its shine

When does one learn that we should not harm the people around us? Some of us are disgusted with war and casualties “on our side”, but at the same time it seems okay to carry a gun and kill “the other side”… Astoundingly, in the worse case, some people enjoy violence and even killing! Sadly, When Vultures Rejoice, that makes them happy as long they don’t experience the suffering. Don’t do to others what you wouldn't like others to do to you! Do to others what you would like others to do to you! We should fight for a better tomorrow, but without hurting others! You will never achieve true happiness knowing deep down inside that you’re causing misfortune, injustice and difficulty to others. The pain is even greater when those closest to you harm you in order to benefit themselves…

Imagine… You’re the last man left on Earth, you have everything you wished for and the whole world is yours! All countries, all cities, all the land and the seas, all the gold and the money… What would you take first and what would you enjoy most? If you couldn’t have anyone beside you to share it with, it wouldn’t be worth anything. You would feel pain, loneliness and the need for another person. You wouldn’t be happy. What is the value of infinite power and wealth if one is not happy? Now, we come to the most important conclusion, more important and valuable then to own the whole world. Humanity, love and happiness! At this point, you would give up all world riches, only for someone to be beside you! Just anyone… At that moment, you would settle for anyone! Then, their skin color, religion, or nationality wouldn’t be important! Look under the skin! We are all the same with our perfect imperfections! Those are the only differences between us! A healthy mind can’t recognize any other differences! To think means to exist; to think righteously means to be human! All men are created equal and should have equal rights and treatment in life. If you are more powerful, help and protect the weak! When you see someone who is an underdog, give him a hand and lift him up! Treat people around you, as you would like them to treat you! You will feel better! Remember - We Will All Be the Same on Doomsday!

         If colors divide you,
         Let the blind see!
         If languages divide you,
         Let the deaf hear!
         If borders divide you,
         Let the astronauts see them from space!

Don’t destroy our planet! Every day it is getting worse and worse… Many people and businesses heartlessly destroy it on a daily basis. Nature can’t handle the unnatural treatments! Pollution is getting worse and worse, all kinds of dangerous fumes are contaminating the air, bombs are exploding, nuclear tests have never ceased… We breathe less healthy air every day. The Amazon rainforest is disappearing. The Arctic’s glaciers are melting while our atmosphere needs to be healed… The climate is drastically changing, and it is so palatable that we feel it on our skin. We never know what to expect from tomorrow… The weather is unpredictable; one day it is extremely hot, the next day it is drastically cold. Many people suffer and die because of such shifts…Yet, people do almost nothing about it! Politicians ignore such global problems as they chase their own careers and agendas… Every one of us has a role and place in the universe and time. All of us are an integral part of the whole. Everything in the entire Universe has its own beginning and is governed by the laws of preservation, transition and progress... We have to learn how to properly nurture our planet!

         Love to the World
         Peace to us all
         Life could be so sweet
         If you listen to your soul

Is this an “oil-only” world? Obviously, many have “thick pocket interests”, maintaining oil as the main energy source. Although oil is a terrible pollutant, people are getting killed in wars for oil, but we still shrug our shoulders when the subject comes to light… No one can persuade me that scientists cannot invent new, cleaner energy sources. It may be easier to improve the use of well-known energies, so we can live better and healthier! There are many of them already out there like solar energy, electric energy, wind energy, etc… These alternatives are also much cleaner and more affordable! We should take care of our environment, plants and animals. At the beginning, the Earth was clean and healthy like a newborn baby. Now, it looks like a sick old woman, who can hardly breathe. This planet is waiting for your personal pledge in order to make it better! Raise your voice and kick your politicians in the ass! Fight for your planet and you will heal the world! Everybody has a chance to fight!

There is always ample room for love and for life! In the hot barren land among the endless dunes of sand, in the desert… Across the plains burning dry or where the mountains rip the sky… There is, also, ample space for freedom. Sometimes, freedom is a shy princess hiding in the jungle of life, but inevitably she has to come out! In Africa every day many people die due to the lack of food, water, medicine and other essential necessities of life. Every three seconds a child dies due to the negligence of this problem by the rest of the world. It is unthinkable that this tragedy remains like a tumor in our civilization of the 21st century! Help! Set her free! Do whatever you can to help and better days will follow!

         Africa - humble queen of pain is singing
         Africa - bells of joy won’t stop ringing
         Africa - her heart can always cleanse your soul
                      and lead to destiny:
         You were born to be free - Africa

…Is there a difference to a wealthy man if he has ten or eleven million dollars? Would he feel happier if with that extra million he fed the hungry, gave medicine to the sick and helped those who can’t afford it? I believe that he would feel better and have more peace in his soul with that spent million, than with the other ten filling his pocket. This choice of heart would lift his spirit to fly high! Only love and compassion can save the world! Not all of us are strong, powerful and capable, so we should help the weak and not close our eyes to their pain. Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem! There is always hope for love and a better tomorrow! As long as there is life, there is hope too! Love and good always conquer all!

…Can you imagine if no country on Earth had an army? No one would fear another country as a possible oppressor! Politicians tell you that we need to build an even more powerful bomb, so as to better arm ourselves. They tell us between the lines that what we have right now is not enough, we must be able to kill and destroy faster and better. Each country spends most of its wealth on arms, not for the betterment of its citizens! Politicians always lie and exaggerate threats from others… Remember, that being different does not mean someone is an enemy! Sometimes, if necessary, politicians are even ready to invent wars in order to keep their positions as leaders. As a standard rule, all of them hide their true appetites behind the word Peace. Are they really pushing you into wars because they like peace or…?

         Waving banners high above
         Shining army brave and proud
         Greedy King with heart of stone
         Spread the hate silently loud

War is not absence of peace, war is absence of mind! War is the ultimate human form of destruction and therefore it is the ultimate act of human nonsense! Awkwardly, small people still make defensive walls with their bodies around big asses to protect some beefy head against the just bullet... Naively, they believe their leader no matter what the true, obvious facts reveal. Do we have to Hang the Medal on That Guy or do we have to hang him?

In the middle of The Cold War, all sides were broadcasting overtures for peace, while busily inventing and creating weapons, including new airplanes that can carry more bombs. Neither side ever got an idea that they could use airplanes to send their citizens from one country to another free of charge. That would be a sincere promotion of love and peace, not a hypocritical one! This act of kindness would really cease tensions, but… They have enough money for warplanes in order to “promote peace”. How come there was no budget available for intermediary peace flights for ordinary citizens? Since both sides were “fighting for peace”, don’t you think that this would be an appropriate act, if politicians really wanted peace?

What would happen if all that money spent on arms would be spent for the right cause? Maybe the hungry would be fed, the sick would be healed and the homeless would have a roof over their heads. Maybe the entire world’s economy would be better and maybe people wouldn’t hate each other. Until that time comes, no one can convince me that present times are better. Does anybody care? Does anybody agree with me? If yes, where are you? I can’t see you, I can’t hear you…

         Sometimes I think how hard it is
         to cry so deep when you are not sad
         and sleep in a warm room
         while outside the blizzard is bad

Have you ever thought about “a world without borders”? Can you imagine that? Countries would lose their purpose without their borders. If countries wouldn’t exist, no one would need an army. Threats from another country would be obviously ruled out. If the world was absent of armies, WARFARE ITSELF WOULD BE COMPLETELY RULED OUT! Isn’t that what we all ultimately want? On that level of progress, our human society would have a different type of organization. The local community would be a basic cell. Communities would be all united under one main global headquarters that would administer the world. In today’s terms, we can compare it to the United Nations organization. Try to imagine that countries of today’s world don’t exist and the UN administers the whole world. The headquarters of this new world would have representatives from all parts of the globe. Together, they would respectively make decisions. The function of the representatives would be equivalent to the politicians of today, but they would all have the same rank. They would not advance in their positions, nor would they have an impulse for any competitive prestige among themselves. Consequently, there would be no motives to commit numerous frauds and crimes that inspire politicians today! They would not need to play dirty games, lie, use and abuse their power of their political appointments. Moreover, they would not have to create wars and send people off to kill or to be killed, like in our society today. Hmmm… I think that this kind of world would be a much better place!

Do you think that a society of this level is just a sheer utopia? That was exactly what I was thinking in the past… I believed that I would never see even a glimpse of it during my lifetime on this Earth. But, suddenly, a hope quietly arrived… Europe began to unite! These days’ borders in west Europe are only a formality… You can travel from Austria to Germany, from Germany to France, then to Spain, etc… You can go from one country to another, not knowing that you are crossing “the borders”! No authorities would stop you and check you out, you can’t see any armies guarding the borders, you would not know the difference between the countries… Those borders are officially written on maps, but when you travel, you don’t see them! You don’t see them or feel them due to one reason only! They never really existed in the first place! It was just an ugly, man-made creation that divided people since the beginning of the beginning… Just in the recent history, many of those warring countries fought over borders. For example, Germany and France were blood enemies just 60 years ago… That period of 60 years is just a small, ridiculous portion in time… It is less then a drop in the ocean of time! Yet, those enemies who killed and were killed in the thousands on both sides due to border disputes, today do not care about borders! Even though, they still all have their own armies, the armies cooperate and are united in one common alliance. Therefore, a war threat is greatly diminished! So, is this preferable over the killings of WW II in order to conquer or defend the borders? Every border is artificial, every border makes divisions! Let’s remove all borders!

The majority of Western European countries formed an alliance called the European Union. It is a strong alliance with rules and laws, trade, as well as a military… Their armies are not afraid of each other. They have no reason for that! Also, the turning point in history was that those countries now use a common currency, the Euro. The point is, if those countries are united with one currency, they also have a common economy. What does it mean to have a common currency, economy, rules, laws, trade, military, etc…, but a withering away of the state in the old form? They reached their unity in diversity that leads to unity in humanity!
The evolution did its work, even in this small, tiny portion of time! But, it hasn’t stopped yet… More and better progress will follow!

         Close your eyes and fly away
         Turn the night into day
         Close your eyes and you are there
         On the fields of love and care

What a world around us it would be where all dreams become reality? In our Fantasy we are the only ones who can set up the rules! That’s why, it is our fantasy! We have rights to do, act or create whatever we want. We are the only creator, judge and executor. We can paint our surroundings any way we desire, to choose a lover, or to make love… We are allowed to explore or search for our Queen of Soul

         On the other side dipped in time
         from a sacred distant land
         there where love begins
         came the Queen of Soul

Don’t hurt anyone, but there is nothing wrong with pleasing yourself and those around you! Our body is natural, not “dirty”! We shouldn't be ashamed of it, thus use it and enjoy it! The body is the temple of the soul, free your body and you will free your soul! Try to achieve the ultimate goal of an experience, when love and the lover become one! It is called ecstasy!
Sex has been defined for thousands of years, for incorrect reasons, as a taboo and “something immoral, secret and shameful”… There are deep, long and strong roots in our human society that point out the mind as something to expose. For completely wrong reasons, society’s mores dictates that the body is a source of shame, humiliation and dishonor. Our body does not deserve this kind of disgrace. There is nothing wrong with physical gratification either. Sex is a human necessity, just as our other physiological needs. Nothing immoral, nothing bad! If there was no sex, we wouldn’t exist! Sex is just a celebration of divine energy!

Sometimes, we all look for an escape from reality. Unfortunately, very often reality can be very cruel. That’s why entering some kind of heaven, even for a while, is a welcoming possibility. In that heaven love is free, love can’t be sin, Free Love!

         I sense the stars
         clinging to my feet as fate
         while approaching with soft steps
         to the heaven's gate

Love is the heart of creation, love is the ultimate truth. Love and good always conquer all!

In our life, what we really need is a little bit of sun, food, water and lots of good health and love… We don’t need religion, it just separates people. Once people are separated, they feel that they are different from one another. In time of crises, people are prone to fabricate their “differences” even more… Once the division is created, one side always blames the other for their misfortune. That sets up a stage for fighting and in a worse case, for war. This kind of scenario occurred in 90% of wars that were fought throughout human history.

Nature is defined space without boundaries. Within itself, Mother Nature accommodates life. Man finds himself in the leading role. Life is an event that consists of everlasting and unrelenting battles of man to achieve an unattainable goal … (to put a square in perfect symmetry with a circle, so that they could fit together and eventually overlap one another in perfect harmony)… But, in the quest for clues anything is possible, nothing is impossible! On this amazing trip, it is essential to achieve the right balance between body and soul. This could set up the correct path for spiritual advancement. But, before you go through the tunnel of light, it is good to embrace redemption. Healing is always the right course to take. The main ingredient of healing is forgiveness. At the end of the line, it is a great and noble act to thank and forgive anyone, even your enemies. Forgiveness is a rose without thorns!

Nature, people, events in your life, all good and bad, your enemies… They all taught you something, from them you learned all you know. It defines who you are! Thank them all!

         Once when farewell comes
         We must say goodbye
         We can proudly look at the sky
         With no reason to cry

Only Heroes Go to Heaven! Don’t forget – we all can be heroes!

To leave his own seed and to mark his own existence that he once lived should be the main goal of man! Without it, it would be like he never existed! The immortality of the spirit triggers a perpetual motion of our timeless journey. Life is like a circle (… at the end of a cycle there is always a beginning)… That creates a timeless factor in every time-bound experience. Essence of being is constantly chased by its echo of destiny with its numerous tasks and difficulties. Therefore, nothing in life is perfect! It is deliberately created in that way, so we may learn... It was all meant to be; hence, we are here for a purpose. It is our duty to reveal our purpose to ourselves. Just ask your higher self… Nothing is complicated, everything is simple, you only have to understand it! Life is good, it just seems bad!

So many questions, but do we have any answers? Don’t just ask for an answer, but be a part of the answer! The answer doesn’t necessarily have to be at the end. It can also spring up at the beginning or somewhere else… But, what if you cannot find the answer in spite of it all? Ask your heart and you will always discover the right answer! Nevertheless, the beauty of our perpetual exploration is - the more we know, we realize still more has to be learned!

Free your mind! An open mind is an open world! Spend some time just with yourself and the sound of silence, then the world around will reveal itself to you! Embrace silence… Feel it… Silence, along with love and openhearted goodness is the main ingredient of peace. We all constantly search for peace. Do good and with good you will be rewarded! That’s the right course for peace! Stay the course and you won’t miss it~! Develop your power of observation with a universally righteous conclusion and others will follow! Whoever has ears will hear, whoever has eyes will see!

Time also leaves its own mark behind, placing man as a part of itself! Drawn onto the infinite road, man is pulled again to his destined Exodus to Eternity

The universe does not rest, that’s only a seeming impression! Space has its warm grace… That’s the very cradle of peace! In the depth of space, stars show off their glory. Over yonder, there is always enough room for love. So, don't stop, don't quit, just love! If you love - it's not a problem, but if you hate - that's a problem! Unconditional love is always the key! Set the wind free to howl through your hair… Feel the freedom in your veins, slam all boundaries around you… Let your feelings lead the way in the sea of tranquility and easily drift through time and space… Once the fog is removed from your eyes, you will see the bright spectrum of colors! This is the direct link to Reach the Stars! Remember, failure is not an option!

         Reach the stars
         And stay forever there
         Reach the stars
         Over yonder love is everywhere

         Reach the stars
         Remelt your dreams into reality
         Remove the fog from your eyes
         And when the stardust rise
         Fly to eternity

Love rules!

Have Faith in Love!



Marino Frost                            



Divine Evocation
I’m just a teller of this tale
I carry a message to your heart
It will be the healer of your soul
On my conscience I can swear

There will come a time
When gods will lose their powers
When demons will lose their evil
And gold will lose its shine

Much time will pass
Before we meld together in smooth harmony
Never having fear again, just smiling and enjoying
On the fields of eternal silence

Then, we will know
The most precious thing is the one that can’t be measured
Pushing the boundaries of happiness
Onto uncharted frontiers

With people one must live,
With people one must die!
Like a human one must live,
Like a human one must die!