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There is a man who decided to be born to bring forth and realize a great idea and an important mission. He did not have to choose this world if he did not want to. He decided to come to Earth as an envoy for a Mission of Love. He always was and remains special. The city from which he came into this world does not belong to any province. The country of his birth no longer exists. The music he creates does not belong to any particular style. His country is the world. His nationality is freedom. His religion is love. He is perfectly lovable because the love he conveys is perfect. The energy that is liberated by his music is filled with holistic magic. He is a peacemaker with a just heart, an honest wise man with musical geniality at his fingertips. He is a born leader, a tireless worker for the betterment of humanity. His name is Marino Frost.

Marino’s story is a unique combination of musical multi-talent, a rich life experience, artistic vision, belief in love and the harnessing of strong spiritual power. As a small child he was preoccupied with the concept of perfection. Even then, he was absolutely certain that his future would be bounded in the realm of art, especially the field of music. He was born in Europe in the country of Croatia, formerly a part of Yugoslavia. There he spent the first part of his life’s journey. When he was just a child, he had a developed sense for rhythm and harmony. His father bought an accordion for his older brother. It was then he discovered that an empty accordion case had musical properties of a drum set. Thus, the accordion case ended up being Marino’s first “instrument” to practice the art of drumming. As a young boy he was in the company of the best local musicians, who rehearsed music at his parents’ house. At the age of 11, when he first had an opportunity to secretly sit behind a real drum set, came forth the young virtuoso within. The local musicians at once recognized his extraordinary musical talent. This is how the drum set became his first musical engagement. At the beginning he played for sheer pleasure with musicians twice his age. The audience admired the drummer boy and after his performances would euphorically throw him in the air. Later on, the young musician played classic rock with many different bands, making a comfortable living. Marino’s talent, enthusiasm and hard work, assured him the title of a musical wonder boy. As musicians left their instruments over his parents’ home after practice, the young man took advantage of this opportunity to play all other instruments used by a standard rock band. Soon after, the musicians whom he learned from began to seek his advice regarding various musical issues. Feeling the urge to create his own music, Marino fell in love with the guitar. As soon as he learned the first chords, he started composing his own songs. Marino looked upon the guitar as the most attractive instrument. He revealed all the secrets of her soul instantaneously. The six-stringer became the instrument of his destiny. Later, besides the drums and lead guitar, he also learned to play bass guitar, keyboards and other string based instruments and percussion… The attraction of his presence was not only bound by music. Wherever he would go, Marino would naturally and spontaneously make a positive impact on his surrounding environment. Thus, the mood of people would change for the better. He won the hearts of people easily and was popular and sought after everywhere. Many of them felt a magnetic attraction towards his spirit. They experienced him as a cheerful, colorful and entertaining person, as one who effortlessly dissipates the dark clouds hanging over their thoughts. He seemed to have the ability to sow the seed of happiness, which remained alive and prospered within their inner being. It seemed like the spotlight was always upon him, whether he desired it or not. It seemed like he never left the stage. Marino purely loves people and they feel that.

He intuitively knew that experience is the best teacher. As a result, Marino has always been open to new experiences and has made an effort to research the dichotomy of life. At the age of seventeen he began recording at recording studios. Motivated by the challenge of new insights, he absorbed the secrets of studio recording and sound production art. Up to the age of twenty, his professional career has been acknowledged by numerous performances with different bands in the country of his birth and in Europe. While playing various instruments and diverse music styles, Marino has also been a bandleader, composer, lyricist, arranger, as well as a lead and background vocalist. In the course of many live performances and studio recordings, he learned the ropes of the music industry. At the paramount of his regional and national music career, he lived like a prince. It was at this stage of his life that he accepted the ultimate challenge – to win success in the United States! Although, many people in similar circumstances would not take up his challenge, Marino did not have any second thoughts about leaving behind all he had achieved. He is a free-minded artist with strength, vision, courage, poise, determination and daring undertakings. His goal is to achieve large-scale results on a global level. Well-balanced, courageous and firm, he continued to give birth to his vision, which anchored him to New York City. The city of all cities became his new home, there his struggles and ascension started at point zero. Marino is hard working, well organized, persevering, versatile and resourceful. Soon after arriving in the US, he opened a recording studio upstate in Warwick, NY, with his first business partner. The studio location was too far from New York City and therefore inadequate for his needs. With a new business partner he planned to open a second recording studio in Ridgewood, Queens. Unhappy with the various stages of the business plan, Marino abandoned the project. At the beginning of 1992, he opened his own recording studio “Stardust” in Long Island City, Queens. He expanded his musical path by implementing his versatility in the newly opened studio. Marino began to master the various aspects of recording, producing and song writing. All his songs became tied to a larger idea. The harmonic and melodic structure of the songs became more advanced, as well as the lyrics, arrangement and production. “Stardust” is a nest and cradle from which Marino’s compositions and style took flight. His songs were layered on dozens of tracks, enabling them their full due in what is a grand production.

“Have Faith in Love” is Marino’s musical project, a waterfall streaming from the core of his spirit. Like his personality and everything tied to him, his music is beyond all stereotypes. It incorporates ingredients of all styles, yet cannot fit within the boundaries of any particular style. His musical signature uniquely combines and condenses the best elements of various styles. It has the power and rawness of Rock, the groove and dance rhythms of Funk, the mighty and harmonious background vocals of Gospel. It has virtuosity, complexity and chord changes of Jazz, the melodic flavor of Pop and occasionally the ambience of psychedelic music. There are often elements of classical music, as well as ethno-motifs from all over the world. There is a constant presence and vibe of Soul and all this is dipped in a magical feeling of the Blues. Marino’s music is unique, charismatic, passionate, profoundly layered, thus resulting in a sensual rapture. Its sound drives positive emotions and life energy. The listeners who try to characterize his music recognize in it their favorite style. Lovers of Rock hear their old R&R. Fans of Funk call its down and dirty grooves funky. The shakin’ up Blues graduates hear his music as the Blues. The connoisseurs of memorable melodies call it Pop… But, all of them feel a huge impact of positive energy that emanates from his music. Depending on the quality of their spiritual receptors, they experience and absorb his compositions accordingly. Some are emotionally uplifted, dancing, moving and smiling joyously, while others weep in reflection or close their eyes and take a spiritual journey. One thing is certain - no one has an indifferent experience as they are struck by a wave of unique musical energy. The outcome is likely caused by the fact that the origin of his music comes from a spiritual dimension. During the contact with this music, one receives and reconnects to his spirit and the spiritual world. With this act, the listener reflects an unpredictable and extremely positive reaction. “Have Faith in Love” is a musical concept, which is comprised of fifteen songs. Even though every song is a work onto itself, they are related by a greater conceptual framework. Each song has its own identity and story, it is built up like a screenplay. There is the opening, the development, the culmination and the outcome that leads to the moral of the story. A listener experiences his music as visual scenes on the movie screen, feeling the emotion and the mood of each musical phrase. This is evoked by a symphony of sounds, the narrative of the story, the spiritual magic that embodies the song, giving it the unique charisma it successfully achieves. Marino’s songs encompass the truth and reality of life. They reflect the good and bad aspects of everyday living. It’s necessary to be aware of both. What is constructive should be embraced and what is destructive should be brought into the light and modified to its opposite. The motifs of his songs fight to uphold love, hope, justice and positive thinking, to name a few. To quote Marino: “The ultimate goal of a true artist is to change the world for the better. Each one of us can and has a right to make the world better. If we put effort in this direction, we will succeed.” His music is not bound to a specific point in time. The reason for this is his formula of using various musical styles. It sounds familiar, yet refreshing; so that if one listens to it many years from now, it will still have its unique identity. To the question of which of his songs he likes the best, he says: “I like them each in their own special way. They are my children, brothers and sisters to one another.”

Marino is the producer and sound engineer of the entire album; he sang all the lead vocals, played all guitars and most of the other instruments. Recording with Marino in this project were numerous well-known musicians and background singers, who also accompany top music stars such as Mariah Carey, Sting, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Deborah Harry, Herbie Hancock… He also wrote all the music and lyrics. His art is pragmatic, for it reflects his impression of life. It also has a framework for living, carrying with it many messages. The themes and ideas of all songs are interwoven into his essay titled “Mission of Love”, which is printed in the booklet of his album “Have Faith in Love”. In the essay, love is emphasized as the essence of the circle of life. For Marino, everything begins and ends with love. Besides love, he reveals that freedom and peace are the necessary components of true happiness. Marino points out evil and injustice and encourages people to take a stand against them. Justice is the beacon that illuminates the need for neighborly co-operation. He inspires hope for a better world and supports ecological awareness. His message is about a world without borders; it is against elements that divide people; it is for newer, cleaner sources of energy; it is for more even distribution of global wealth. He emphasizes the need for a greater balance between the material and spiritual planes. Marino prophesies that mankind will reach a higher level of consciousness. Thus, each individual will be an empowered center of moral decision making, as opposed to institutions. Beside the essay and lyrics, the booklet consists of digital art works. These digital graphics visualize the subjects and ideas of the album. Some of them tend to capture a specific song in a picture, while others visualize the ideas of the project in general. All digital graphics that accompany the project are uniquely made to promote its ideas through an authentic color palette and design.

Marino is a highly socially aware, sensible and conscious individual. He is intensely emotional and productive soul that longs for peace and harmony, truth and justice. His charisma is composed of seven elements that are combined in unity and aligned in a perfect circle: spirituality, love, energy, morality, intelligence, talent and vision. He is a great pacifist and philanthropist, who willingly offers his service to humankind with great passion. Besides his music and lyrics, he has developed, formed and compiled philosophical-spiritual teachings named “Timeless Wisdom”™. Its framework, titled “Principles of Eternal Truth”™, is a collection of guides, convictions, beliefs, hints, suggestions, teachings and proverbs, intended for ethical living and moral progress. The “Principles of Eternal Truth” will be expanded in book form, consisting of a collection of stories titled “Book of Love”. These teachings and the music album “Have Faith in Love” are the foundation of a comprehensive multi-artistic, social and spiritual project. The project addresses itself to humankind and its goal is to appeal to the individual conscience. It electrifies the vibrations of positive thoughts and emotions, which aim to improve, remedy and cleanse the emotional energy field of Earth. The project promotes unselfishness, generosity and altruism. It calls for a gallant step towards a perfected social system, in which social differences and injustices would be rooted out and humankind would learn to live in genuine solidarity. The project aspires to guide man toward a higher level of material and spiritual harmony with cosmic laws. The idea of this project has brought together a team of likeminded individuals, who unselfishly work by giving their time, spirit and ideas. Others are welcomed to join us! The whole project embodies various creations of art such as music, creative writing, digital graphics and other visual forms such as photography, film, etc. It is the project’s intention to grow into a movement that in turn would incorporate its teachings into everyday life.

Marino comforts the weak, disillusioned and broken hearted. He encourages them to have faith in themselves and find a way that would lead them to their own triumph. He is a power that stands for good. His actions are entirely congruent with his thoughts. He is able to understand and to communicate with people from all social classes. Unselfishly, he is ready to dedicate his love and energy for healing of souls in need. The healing power is not only within him, but in his music as well. This power is an inspirational reflection of his spirit.

Finally, an inevitable question befalls us: why is the story about Marino as fascinating as it is? The gist of the explanation lies at a level of his spiritual progress. The radiance of a great positive energy arises from within his spirit. The law of progress implicitly includes hierarchy. In the spiritual world progress rests upon merit. The greater the efforts, the greater the elevation in the order of spirits. The path of progress is our journey towards perfection and purification. Every spirit, whether incarnated or discarnate, has reached a certain degree of moral and intellectual advancement. Marino’s spirit has been elevated through numerous trials of past life incarnations to the higher order of spirits. Also, he has a gift of powerful healing energy fluid that can be directed to another person by effect of will. The concept has been used as a foundation of diverse healing therapies. Marino has primarily decided to direct this energy into spiritual healing through music and his spiritual-philosophical teachings.

He is an envoy of love that has been assigned for an important mission here on Earth. His destiny is to serve the human race. He is a modern day sage who knows well where the spirituality of the world can be improved and works tirelessly to bring that change about. His name is Marino Frost.

Gabrijela Solomon and Joseph Bogovic