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“Have Faith in Love” is Marino’s musical project, a waterfall streaming from the core of his spirit. Like his personality and everything tied to him, his music is beyond all stereotypes. It incorporates ingredients of all styles, yet cannot fit within the boundaries of any particular style. His musical signature uniquely combines and condenses the best elements of various styles. It has the power and rawness of Rock, the groove and dance rhythms of Funk, the mighty and harmonious background vocals of Gospel. It has virtuosity, complexity and chord changes of Jazz, the melodic flavor of Pop and occasionally the ambience of psychedelic music. There are often elements of classical music, as well as ethno-motifs from all over the world. There is a constant presence and vibe of Soul and all this is dipped in a magical feeling of the Blues. Marino’s music is unique, charismatic, passionate, profoundly layered, thus resulting in a sensual rapture. Its sound drives positive emotions and life energy. The listeners who try to characterize his music recognize in it their favorite style. Lovers of Rock hear their old R&R. Fans of Funk call its down and dirty grooves funky. The shakin’ up Blues graduates hear his music as the Blues. The connoisseurs of memorable melodies call it Pop… But, all of them feel a huge impact of positive energy that emanates from his music. Depending on the quality of their spiritual receptors, they experience and absorb his compositions accordingly. Some are emotionally uplifted, dancing, moving and smiling joyously, while others weep in reflection or close their eyes and take a spiritual journey. One thing is certain - no one has an indifferent experience as they are struck by a wave of unique musical energy. The outcome is likely caused by the fact that the origin of his music comes from a spiritual dimension. During the contact with this music, one receives and reconnects to his spirit and the spiritual world. With this act, the listener reflects an unpredictable and extremely positive reaction.

“Have Faith in Love” is a musical concept, which is comprised of fifteen songs. Even though every song is a work onto itself, they are related by a greater conceptual framework. Each song has its own identity and story, it is built up like a screenplay. There is the opening, the development, the culmination and the outcome that leads to the moral of the story. A listener experiences his music as visual scenes on the movie screen, feeling the emotion and the mood of each musical phrase. This is evoked by a symphony of sounds, the narrative of the story, the spiritual magic that embodies the song, giving it the unique charisma it successfully achieves. Marino’s songs encompass the truth and reality of life. They reflect the good and bad aspects of everyday living. It’s necessary to be aware of both, in order that one may have a more balanced life. What is constructive should be embraced and what is destructive should be brought into the light and modified to its opposite. The motifs of his songs fight to uphold love, hope, justice and positive thinking, to name a few. To quote Marino: “The ultimate goal of a true artist is to change the world for the better. Each one of us can make the world better. If we put effort in this direction, we will succeed.” His music is not bound to a specific point in time. The reason for this is his formula of using various musical styles. It sounds familiar, yet refreshing; so that if one listens to it many years from now, it will still have its unique identity. To the question of which of his songs he likes the best, he says: “I like them each in their own special way. They are my children, brothers and sisters to one another.”

Marino is the producer and sound engineer of the entire album; he sang all the lead vocals, played all guitars and most of the other instruments. Recording with Marino in this project were numerous well-known musicians and background singers, who also accompany top music stars such as Mariah Carey, Sting, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Deborah Harry, Herbie Hancock… He also wrote all music and lyrics. His art is pragmatic, for it reflects his impression of life. It also has a framework for living, carrying with it many messages. The themes and ideas of all songs are interwoven into his essay titled “Mission of Love”, which is printed in the booklet of his album “Have Faith in Love”. In the essay, love is emphasized as the essence of the circle of life. Beside the essay and lyrics, the booklet consists of digital art works. These digital graphics visualize the subjects and ideas of the album. Some of them tend to capture a specific song in a picture, while others visualize the ideas of the project in general. All digital graphics that accompany the project are uniquely made to promote its ideas through an authentic color palette and design. To finalize, all the segments of this epic production are bound by love, because for Marino everything begins and ends with love.

Medieval alchemists were trying to discover the art of transmuting metals into gold, knowing that when we strive to become better, everything around us becomes better. Marino mastered the art of transmuting the sounds of music into an inexhaustible charm of exquisite experience, knowing that “when one soul speaks to another through music, they perfectly feel and understand each other”.

Everything gravitates to the law of continuous change. Therefore, music’s role also changes and progresses through time. Music is a means of communication on a higher level than human language. The art of music is a sublime creation with an inexhaustible appeal. The music of modern time is mostly a reflection of the materialistically orientated level of human progress. While it predominantly serves the purpose of entertaining, at the same time sets social standards. Music will inevitably undergo a change towards becoming more than just sheer audible pleasure. Therefore, it will get one step closer to its celestial matrix. At that time it will not only inspire us to moral progress, but will be broadly used as a means of communication with the subtle spheres of the spiritual plane. On that level, music will not only come to us as an audible, but also as a visual and a purified spiritual experience. Marino is one of the forerunners of what in the future will be known as music of The New World. The project “Have Faith in Love” is his cornerstone and the first step in that direction.

Gabrijela Solomon & Joseph Bogovic



Marino Frost - Lead Vocal, Guitars, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Bass Guitar
Janek Gwizdala - Bass Guitar
J.T. Lewis - Drums
“Chapter 2” vocal group - Background Vocals

Queen of Soul

Marino Frost - Lead Vocal, Background Vocal, Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer,
Drum Programming, Bass Guitar
Ted Cruz - Keyboards
Adrian Harpham - Drums
Nenad Vasic - Saxophone
Sel Wheeler - Trombone
Mary Ann Tatum - Background Vocals
“Chapter 2” vocal group - Background Vocals

Hang the Medal on That Guy

Marino Frost - Lead Vocal, Guitars
Janek Gwizdala - Bass Guitar
J.T. Lewis - Drums
Ted Cruz - Organ
“Chapter 2” vocal group - Background Vocals

Free Love

Marino Frost - Lead Vocal, Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Drum Programming, Bass Guitar
Ted Cruz - Organ
Sir John - Drums, Percussion
Nenad Vasic - Saxophone
Curtis Fowlkes - Trombone
Mary Ann Tatum - Background Vocals
Schon Crawford - Background Vocals

Only Heroes Go to Heaven

Marino Frost - Lead Vocal, Guitars, Bass Guitar
Tomy Zee - Drums
Ted Cruz - Organ
Mary Ann Tatum - Background Vocals

We Will All Be the Same on Doomsday

Marino Frost - Lead Vocal, Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Percussion
Tomy Zee - Drums, Bass Guitar
Mary Ann Tatum - Background Vocals
Sherry Tatum - Background Vocals

Rebel’s Soul

Marino Frost - Lead Vocal, Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer
Tomy Zee - Drums, Bass Guitar
Nenad Vasic - Saxophone
Curtis Fowlkes - Trombone
Mary Ann Tatum - Background Vocals
Sherry Tatum - Background Vocals

Miraculous Grace

Marino Frost - Lead Vocal, Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Bass Guitar
Tomy Zee - Drums
Predrag Vasic - Keyboards
Mary Ann Tatum - Background Vocals

No One’s Puppet to Ride

Marino Frost - Lead Vocal, Guitars, Bass Guitar
Tomy Zee - Drums
“Chapter 2” vocal group - Background Vocals

Let it Shine

Marino Frost - Lead Vocal and all instruments
(Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Percussion, Drum Programming)
“Chapter 2” vocal group - Background Vocals

When Vultures Rejoice

Marino Frost - Lead Vocal, Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Bass Guitar
Tomy Zee - Drums
Mary Ann Tatum - Background Vocals

Exodus to Eternity (Instrumental)

Marino Frost - Guitar Synthesizer, Percussion

Reach the Stars

Marino Frost - Lead Vocal, Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Bass Guitar, Percussion
Lonnie Christian - Drums
Nenad Vasic - Saxophone
Curtis Fowlkes - Trombone
Saundra Evans - Cepeda - Background Vocals
Wanda Evans - Banks - Background Vocals


Marino Frost - Lead Vocal, Background Vocal and all instruments
(Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Drum Programming)
“Mtuba Thulisa Brothers” vocal group - Background Vocals

Love to the World

Marino Frost - Lead Vocal, Guitars, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Bass Guitar
Sir John - Drums
Philip Solomon - Lead Vocal for Intro & Outro
“Chapter 2” vocal group - Background Vocals

THANX to all of You who helped me (you know who you are)!


- All musicians and background singers who played and sang on this CD, making it unforgettable!

- My friends and acquaintances who believed in me and gave me their precious support, especially:

RADA …for being my soul mate and my Number One friend in all the good and bad throughout the years! Without you, this whole thing simply wouldn’t be out there! I love you!

PHILIP SOLOMON …for being my great and noble assistant. Your passion and input for this project were stunning. You gave me your time, work and love! You often fought to make things the best they could be; you forced those lead vocals to sing by themselves. Your musical, vocal and lyrics consultation was crucial. You are a nice, warm person and a great friend!

DANIELLA …my wonderful assistant who was the driving force and the best possible supporter during the first half of the recording of my lead vocals. Don’t think that I forgot that you were coming to the studio whether it rained, shined or snowed... (literally)! Your goodness and talents are immaculate!

OSCAR OWENS (a.k.a. Mr. Owens) …for your precious input and assistance in sequencing, editing of music, typing and lyrics consultation. You see, at last, the trouble is finally over before The Doomsday!

TOM-AND-SLAV (a.k.a. Tomy Zee) …for being the best, crucial force and friend at the early stage of this CD. You played the drums and the bass like there is no tomorrow… Maybe, that’s why I’m still waiting for tomorrow to arrive. Keep on rollin’!

Mr. MALISEVICH (a.k.a. Predrag Vasic) …for your endless computer help, piano and string playing, which only real conductors can do! Thanks for being a great friend that I have counted on for years!

MARY ANN TATUM …for your friendship & the best backup vocals in the Universe and all the way around… Don’t take it hard when I tease you, it’s just a joke…You are great!!!

STAN THE MAN (a.k.a. Nenad Stanisavljevic) & STANISAVLJEVIC FAMILY…for your friendship and for all your help since the last millennium… for the typing and consultation… You are great!

JOHN LEE …as the best person and friend from “Chapter 2”, you always gave me your grace and support.

Mr. NESHOVICH (a.k.a. Nenad Vasic) …for your sax; for your help with Photoshop, the prototype design of this album, signs and the “UN print”! Thanks for being a great friend.

EMANUELE PONTORIERO - MANNY …for your great photos and your kind friendship! When it comes to a real professional photographer from Florida to NY or NJ, you are the best! Without you, I would have looked worse on those early Frost photos…

…for your kind friendship and your endless PC-help: any day/any time/any way… NY PC policy is simple: “Nobody knows PC better than Marino!”

MATE KULUSIC …for your unbelievable contribution regarding all repairs of my electronic equipment in the studio! After hundreds of repairs, soon you should finally start to charge me… You are a top of the line technician, friend and person!

DAVID EMMETS …for your support and understanding. You are great!

ZVONIMIR VIDUSIN - Z …for your contribution of the video shooting! You are a top of the line cameraman and a great person!

STEVE MOSKOVIC …Big Foot Productions, Temesgen Asmerom, St. Paul… When it comes to video production, video transfers and having the best neighbors - nobody beats you guys! What would I do without your help when it comes to dealing with my videos? Discovery channel discovered that they can’t survive without you, and I discovered that you are irreplaceable for my future videos!

RADOVAN MARICIC - RAJKO …here comes the legend of all-kinds-of-audio-repairs, troubleshooting, connections, computers, software, etc… You are one of a kind who knows (almost) everything about audio! Maybe, you know it all because you learned it from Monty Python!? Anyway, we know that Rajko is on the top of the hill when it comes to the quality of his work and his friendship!

SAMUEL DANIELS - SAM …Margaret said that we have to write something nice about you or you would be mad and then you will cry! After that, Gabrijela complained about it, so we concluded that we have to come out with the facts: Sam, you are a top spiritual channeler, Reiki master and a sweet person! Through our sessions with you the truth was finally revealed!

KRESIMIR ANTOLOS - KRESO …for providing the most enthusiastic support during my mixing. You are a great guy with great ears and a great sense of humor. Any time when I mix in the future, you will be in my thoughts. I know that your spirit will join us in this project. We all miss you!

…hey, there is one guy who is able to turn any type of work into a successful outcome, including fancy web sites… Whatever he touches – turns to gold! This guy is also a great friend that I can always count on. Hmmm… Who is this guy? O, yeee!!! It is you, Mr. Goreta! Thanx for everything, especially for your precious work on my web site!

BORIS KOVACEVIC - BORISONJA …for the best guitar maintenance & repairs in New York and around the world! That’s the reason why my guitars don’t play, but simply talk and sing! It is needless to say that you are an excellent person and a friend, because everyone who knows you already knows that! But, I said it anyway…

To my friends who helped me build my recording studio and for its endless maintenance. Without you, this project would not see its birth. That’s why, thank you so much!
Construction Crew:

Husnija Dreskovic, Zeljko Valkovic, Danny Kolar, Ivan Butkovic, Petar Petrovic, Klaudio Krsulja, Luis Rodriguez…

MLADEN SKALEC & Studio “Atea” Zagreb …for all the good that has come out of you for this project! Your vision and direction were highly appreciated! Thanks for the studio and all the equipment that you gracefully made available for me when I was making my demos there. You are not only a great sound engineer, but a friend, too!

HRVOJE HEGEDUSIC & Studio “Lisinski” Zagreb …for your help, work and passion during the demo mixing in Lisinski. You are an old school master sound engineer!

GORAN BESENSKI (a.k.a. Mr. Beast) …for all those amazing graphics that you created for my CD & my web site. You were generous with your time and work in order to make the juices of art flow! Once, when the world accepts you and your talent, the world will become a better place!

SENNA M & Studio “Nostradamus” Zagreb …for your friendship. Thanks for giving me the keys of your studio and your house when I was making my demos while on vacation in Croatia. Only real souls know who you are and they have no doubt that you are a great dude!

DRAZEN KOCIJAN & Studio “J&D” Bjelovar …to a great person and a friend. You generously gave me the keys of your studio when I recorded my demos while I stayed in Croatia. If more people like you would be around, life would be nice and pleasant.

DANIELLI RUZIC …for your profound and altruistic work on the draft of my first web site! When the dust settles down, one would realize that there are not too many people like you!
ANDJELKO MAKAR …hey, Ongee-Boy Production, you provided all-kinds-of-help with this project! We know that we can always count on you, in good and bad – if we are happy or sad… You are a polite guy and a great friend!

CRYSTAL GUZMAN - HAMPSTER …for you assistance and help with the project! Hopefully, you have learned something useful for your artistic and spiritual progress. As a new pop star, I know that Nissan will definitely hire you as their spokesperson!

Mr. Z (a.k.a. Zvonimir Antolos) …for your all-kind-of-things help 25 hours / 8 days a week… You are one of the best people that I know (…just don’t change under any circumstances!) and you should be proud of that! A young and innocent spirit attracted by the light of good!

MARGARET RICHARDS - MARGIE …for being kind, calm and friendly any time throughout the day / or night… Your spiritual and writing input is highly appreciated! Now, you would say: “Very true!”

JOSEPH BOGOVIC - JOE …for your care, push and die hard support! Thanks for your writing, typing and lyrics consultation. People, I have to “hang the medal on that guy” and say: “Joe, you are a good person and friend! There’s no wind that can turn you over!”

GABRIJELA SOLOMON …for the best support and help that one could always just wish for! In good and bad you showed your dedication, loyalty and work. You are the best writer around and even a better person and friend. You don’t have to fear for your spirit. It can only fly high!

All songs music, lyrics and arrangements by Marino Frost

- Photography by Mr. Beast (front page) and Emanuele (back page)
- The photo model of the general in the “Hang the Medal on That Guy” graphic is Mr. Febicchi (a.k.a. Ivan Fejer)
- The photo model for the “Reach the Stars” graphic is Branislav Jankic - Brane
- Design & computer graphics by Mr. Beast
- Recorded, mixed and mastered at “Stardust” Recording Studio in New York
Phone # (718) 361 - 6552
- Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Marino Frost

Make a statement! Spread the message of love!

Have Faith in Love!

A.D. 2008