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            I have important and good news to share with you. My friend Gabrijela Solomon, who is my assistant and the right hand of my multi-media project, has published her first book! This book is also an integral part of the project. Moreover, throughout its story the book covers and intertwines the principles and the systems of beliefs for which the project stands. The title of the book is "Life in the Jungle". The storyline refers to the phenomenon of reincarnation. It is based on data that was channeled in my recording studio during actual past life sessions that Gabrijela and I had with a gifted medium, who is an expert in this field. An audio of all sessions was recorded, after which Gabrijela put everything that was channeled during these sessions into the context of the stories. In order to expound on the foundation of the stories, Gabrijela received guidance from the spiritual realm through her own intuition, dreams, meditation and guided research. "Life in the Jungle" is the first book in the collection titled "Past Life Journeys of Gea and Zen". The whole collection will contain five books. Each book will cover one of the past lives that she and I had together. The graphics for her book cover were digitally painted on computer by Andy Simmons, who is a top of the line digital painter from England.


            The first book in the collection tells a story about life in the South American jungle. It takes place in the area around the present-day border between Brazil and Argentina, near the world famous Iguazu Falls. The story takes place around 950 AD. The story is well written and it offers excellent visual experience of life in that period of time. The plot is dynamic, romantic, but at the same time brutally objective, just like the life of that age itself.


            After this one, Gabrijela will write four more books following the same formula, except she will apply it to another one of our past lives, in another time and different place. The publisher of the book is Lulu, but you may also find it on Amazon.


            Gabrijela is an excellent writer, artist, friend and an essential part of my team. But, above all, she is a human being with extraordinary qualities. Therefore, I ask you to support her book and to forward the news about it to all your friends and acquaintances. This is great news and an important success for everybody from our team, as well as for all our friends.


            Following are the links related to the book and web sites where you can order it.


            The least you can do is to check the fascinating book trailer that Gabrijela came up with and created for her book on her own. Make sure you listen to it on a high volume as well... ha ha ha ha...


            You can send your comments to Gabrijela's site on MySpace and YouTube (see the following links). And don't forget: send this message to all those who you think deserve to read it!


With much love,

Marino Frost





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Here is the synopsis of the book:



Past Life Journeys of Gea and Zen is a true story of two spirits, whose magnetic bond transcended time and space. It is a collection of novellas that guides us through several of their reincarnations. Each novella is a story of one of their lives.


Details about Gea's and Zen's past lives were retrieved through channeling conducted during actual past life sessions that the author (i.e. Gea) and her friend, Marino Frost (i.e. Zen), had with a gifted psychic. The psychic used extra sensory perception, such as remote viewing, clairvoyance and clairaudience. Via these sessions, the author and Marino discovered that the connection between them was established when the greatest teacher, Jesus, walked on Earth. In order to expound on the foundation of the stories, the author received guidance from the spiritual realm through her own intuition, dreams, meditation and guided research.


In the novella Life in the Jungle, Gea and Zen were incarnated on Earth around 950 AD. They were born as Aani and Ercu in the lush rainforest of South America near the Iguazu Falls. While growing up in indigenous opposing warring tribes, Aani became a healer and Ercu a hunter who later became a tribal leader. In that life, their purpose was to develop self-denial and an unselfish love. They connected in their devotion to each other, but their tribes did everything to break them apart...


Life in the Jungle is the first novella in the collection Past Life Journeys of Gea and Zen.


The collection will continue with:


Life Among Native Americans

Life in Chicago

Life with Jesus

Reconnecting with the Past

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